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A Tale of an LL Bean Boyfriend Monogram

I was in Philly for Christmas so I celebrated the holidays with my family later than usual, and unwrapped this gem of a flannel pajama set from my mother. Obviously I almost peed my pants with laughter/delight: 

Usually monogramming doesn’t go over 10 letters, so when my mother went to the Freeport store to buy the pajamas, she asked the cashier if they could do any monogramming. She said of course, and so my mother wrote down on a piece of paper what she wanted and handed it to the cashier.

"It’s a little over 10 letters, could you do that?" she asked. 

"It would be very small…" the cashier said. 

"Could you do two lines maybe?" my mother asked. 

"Let me call my supervisor and ask, but I think so." 

So the supervisor came over and looked at the piece of paper. “I think we could do that. I’ll walk you over.” So as they were walking over the supervisor asked her, “So, do you follow the blog?” 

"Oh, yes." my mother said, allowing the LL Bean employee to think she was a psychotic internet weirdo. And that is how I came to own such a hilarious set of flannel pajamas. 

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